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Bloomfield Hills Towing Assistance Discloses 3 Towing Truck Types

Blomfield Hills Towing asks: Exactly what Variety of Tow Truck do you Require?

Bloomfield towing service, Tiverton Towing, explores the basic 3 designs of wrecker truck normally utilized. Anyone trying to find a Bloomfield towing service should realize some standard info relating to the kind of equipment their provider works with. Although many choose to use similar towing vehicles, there are others who have a leading dominance over their rivals because they have more appropriate equipment.

The kind of tow truck used is important to operators of exclusive autos including expensive cars or classic autos. It is vital to know that the vehicle will be

carefully looked after during the towing. Bloomfield Towing mentions these familiar styles of tow trucks:

Flatbed Tow Truck. This kind of tow truck is the most ideal choice if the automobile being towed is a four wheel, or an all-wheel drive. The flatbed truck contains a

flatbed trailer that inclines while the car is pulled onto it by way of a chain wrench. The car is then chained down into the back, making it ready for a safe ride. The Tow truck agent will safely fasten the back of the car to the trailer to avoid damage to the suspension.

Hooked Truck. This is the classic tow truck using a hook at the back. The hook is placed under the front of the car and lifts the front wheels from the ground. The towed car trails after the truck in this easy-to-fasten suspension. However, there is risk to the automobile being towed, particularly if the place is a very long distance away. This choice of truck should not be made use of for towing a four-wheel or all-wheel drive automobile.

Niche Towing Truck. There are lots of companies that make use of different trucks for various vehicles, such as street bike. This can be either a pickup truck with a customized bed, or a full sized truck that would carry the motorcycle in the open back.

These are the common varieties of tow trucks used by Bloomfield Hills towing companies to haul vehicles. To be safe, drivers should be aware of which truck is the most desired vehicle to carry their auto.